HICP investigate barriers to deployment – water constraints in industrial clusters

Potential water constraints in industrial clusters from developments like carbon capture and storage and new production of hydrogen are being investigated by the Environment Agency


At a recent workshop on Environmental constraints in industrial clusters (Humber) we learned more from the dedicated EA project team on a pathfinder project that has just kicked off in the Humber industrial cluster.

The EA has started a number of pre-application discussions with industrial decarbonisation projects and recognise the need to understand the potential cumulative impact of these projects on the balance of industrial environmental system and highlight constraints early in the process.

The work will build on the EA’s existing knowledge of water constraints in the region through a questionnaire tailored to key stakeholders and includes a survey of existing and future industrial sites to understand:

  • Water requirements of low and zero carbon technology deployments
  • Current water requirements of existing industry and the impact on water resource and water quality
  • What alternative sources of water and water efficiency methods have been considered
  • Possible water quality impacts and knock on effects to sensitive sites and any mitigation methods considered

Other potential environmental constraints such as flood risk and air quality, are being considered as part of the wider project later in the year.

The work is sponsored by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy who are exploring some of the constraints that may prevent the pace of energy transition and industrial decarbonisation ambitions of industrial clusters like the Humber.

To get in touch with the Environment Agency Pathfinder Project please contact: